Burberry celebrates Britain with triumph

Burberry celebrates Britain with triumph


Words: @zakimaoui

Britain is in a bit of a state at the moment, mostly because of our dwindling national; identity and split differences in the wake of the EU Referendum and looming Brexit. Burberry Creative Director Christopher Bailey ignored this and instead celebrated cool Brittania through his September collection for the British fashion house. 


Held at Old Session's House in Clerkenwell, the collection was presented to a soundtrack of Pet Shop Boys classics - screaming out that Britain is still the coolest. The collection is "a little more honest, a little less polished" as Bailey explained, and explored the diversity of British culture and the people that live here. Aristocracy was juxtaposed against the raw angst of the street - Penny loafers and tracksuit bottoms anyone?


The most exciting part of the collection, however, is Bailey's harkening back to the Burberry of old. Check is back and all connotations of chav have been completely and totally ironically celebrated. The noughties saw Burberry's reputation plummet when its check was widely counterfeited and worn by everyone, but now Bailey has used this (and a recent collab with Gosh Rubchinskiy) to celebrate the British chav and to instead say, this is a part of our history and Britishness. Sitting alongside the famous Burberry Nova Check were Irish tartans, Argyle and Shetland knits, Savile Roy military uniforms, celebrating the rest of Britain in a sort of 'we stand together' spirit. 

Bailey sums it up perfectly and said "this collection finds the humor, and the beauty, and the pathos, and the sheer glorious eccentricity of the British way of dressing". 

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