Capturing the lens of life

Capturing the lens of life

Based in Egypt British born Karina Al Piaro, visual artist and photographer is on a journey of the soul in her beloved Egypt where she continues the development of the narrative concerning a World Heritage Photography Project on the Nile. 

Karina explains that she is aware that her personal narrative can be interpreted as a feminist one, as a rare example of the existence of a woman working with a camera on the Nile in a context of a very sensitive intersection historically in the region concerning the medium of photography itself. Honing her craft as a fashion & advertising photographer in London/Paris for over a decade, Karina assisted the National Geographic Magazine in Cairo before the advent of the Arab Sping, a cataclysmic turning point historically and personally that returned her immersively creatively to the roots of her visual heritage. It was on the river itself where Karina first picked up a camera.

Recently she had the honour of being the first woman to be invited to lecture in the region concerning the visual & creative process of this narrative that is evolving on the Nile concerning the Heritage of Photography where workshops are being developed. The lecture was co-sponsored by Metro Imaging and her laboratory in London, that has supported the creation of the art works on the Nile.

The first Photographic Workshop on the Nile hosted on a Pharaonic Island in the most southern frontier of the Nile in Egypt was announced at the lecture. In which she will be co-hosting with local photographers and inviting international photographers to attend as the project unfolds. The proposed debut of the workshop KHEMA meaning the convergence point, the meeting point we anticipate will be late December 2016/early January 2017. 

One question that I had to discover was what was it about Egypt that captured your heart and was greeted by this answer - "Egypt is about the Love Story for me. Its about its soul, Its Love, Its Story". 

As you can see Love stories be it of the heart, history or people, do create magnificent things when it ignites the inspiration in our mind and the beauty of our souls. 

Obour (The Crossing). Al Arwah Series 1. Giclee. Nile Egypt (2012) 

Me'raj (Taking flight). Al Arwah Series 2. Giclee Nile. Nubia (2016)  

Orwa (Communion). Al Arwah Series 2. Giclee. Nile Nubia (2016) 

El Baath (Résurrection). Al Armah Series 1. Silver Gelatin Bromide. Nile Egypt (2011) 

Beit Al Noor (House of Light). Al Arwah Series 1. Silver Gelatin Bromide. Nile Egypt (2015)

Manaa (Immunity). Al Arwah Series 1. Silver Gelatin Bromide. Nile Egypt (2013)

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